Southwest Youth Ballet Theatre

Yen-Li Chen - Artistic Director

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Celebration is presented in collaboration with Higley Center for the Performing Arts
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Thanks for your support!

Thanks to all who came to watch our performance in person and who viewed the live stream.  If you missed the show you can still view it here

Southwest Youth Ballet Theatre is thrilled to present Celebration, a FREE end of season performance featuring excerpts from the high-energy ballet Paquita & comical Graduation Ball, and a never before seen contemporary dance.  Celebration is a free performance to express our appreciation and thanks to the community! Although admission is free, donations are appreciated and can be made by clicking the button below.

Paquita - "Set in Spain during the occupation of Napoleon’s army, Paquita tells the story of the young gypsy girl, Paquita, who is unaware that she is really of noble birth and was abducted by gypsies when she was an infant after the assassination of her parents. Paquita wins the love of the young French officer, Lucien d’Hervilly when she saves his life from the gypsy chief, Iñigo, who is hired by a Spanish governor to kill Lucien. Through a medallion that she has had all her life, Paquita finally discovers her true birth right and identity; she is in fact the cousin of Lucien and can marry him." - 

Graduation Ball - The ballet is set in a  Viennese finishing school for girls in the 1840s. The headmistress has invited the cadets of the local military academy to attend a ball celebrating the graduation of the senior class. This fun and endearing ballet depicts the youth and personalities of the boys and girls as the first meet at the ball.  The excerpts being performed include the opening, the perpetual motion dance, the romantic girl solo, the pigtail girl(s) and an abridged version of the finale.
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Our Mission is: "To inspire dreams, participation, community and excellence through the gift of dance."